Steps to Avoid T-Mobile Third-Party Cramming Scams

how to avoid cramming scams like the FTC alleges T-Mobile took part in
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint alleging T-Mobile tacitly let their customers get scammed out of hundreds of millions of dollars while the company profited in the process should be a wake-up call to all. T-Mobile likely isn’t the only mobile phone service which was able to increase its bottom line through third-party charges many customers never disputed.

If anything, you should learn your mobile phone company isn’t your friend when it comes to looking out for your financial interests. You’re the one who has to make sure your bill is correct, and dispute anything on it you don’t understand or think has been put on without your authorization. If you aren&


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2 Responses to Steps to Avoid T-Mobile Third-Party Cramming Scams

  1. I just called T-Mobile (we have them) and they do have a free blocking service; they have a paid one that’s about $5 which blocks everything (And I mean all this kinda crud).

    I’m going to ask my brother (he’s the main account holder) to get on the free. If you’ve been having this problem, you might consider the paid one, but I think free one should be good enough for most folks.

  2. Subscriber says:

    “I just called T-Mobile (we have them) and they do have a free blocking service”

    ALL the cell phone carriers should offer free blocking services. Anything less is BS.

    They have a responsibility to protect their customers. If they don’t they aren’t any better than terrorists.

    P.S. Why doesn’t the NSA give a shcit about the mass harassment of cell phone customers?

    It is ILLEGAL to harass people on their phone so WHY aren’t they doing something to stop it?

    People shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops to NOT be harassed.

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