July 4: What’s Open and What’s Closed on Independence Day 2015

What's open and what's closed on Independence Day

This article has been updated for July 4, 2015

Independence Day is just around the corner. For those who are planning to spend some time away from the backyard barbecue, it’s good to know what businesses are and aren’t open on July 4. With July 4 landing on a Saturday this year, it can get a bit confusing as to what will still be open, and what will be closed for the day. As a general rule, retailers will be open (with exceptions) and government offices will be closed for the day. Below you’ll find what is and isn’t open for the Fourth of July in 2015, but it’s always a good idea to confirm with anyplace you plan to go to verify that they will be open, as there can be exceptions.

Major Retail Stores

Most large retail stores are open. Most retailers will be open on July 4, and many of them will be holding special sales over the Fourth of July weekend. This includes stores like Target, Walmart and Home Depot (here’s a larger list). A major exception will be Costco, which won’t open its doors on Independence Day. For those of you planning to shop all the sales, keep in mind that a deal isn’t a deal no matter what the price is,  if it’s something you wouldn’t have purchased for full price.

Food and Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are open. All major grocery store chains will have their stores open on Saturday if you are in the need of some last minute barbecue food for the family. Some will be operating on Sunday or holiday hours rather than their regular Saturday hours, so call ahead if you will be dropping by outside the core daily hours to make sure they will be open. Smaller, independent grocery stores may or may not be open for the day depending on where they are located. You should call to verify if they will be open or not if you plan to stop by one of them.


Drugstores are open. All the major drugstore chains will be open for the holiday. This includes the big three of CVS, Rite-Aide and Walgreens, and they will all likely have sales to coincide with the holiday as well. If you regularly visit a local or independent drugstore, they should be open as well, but it’s best to call and confirm before making a trip to see them.

Government Offices (Federal, State and Local)

Government offices are closed. The vast majority of government offices will be closed on July 3 and 4. Since the fourth lands on a Saturday this year which is a day these offices are typically closed, most are closing on the 3rd to give employees the holiday. This includes all non-essential government offices such as courts, departments of motor vehicles and social security offices. They will be closed for the day. Those government offices deemed vital to safety and security such as police departments, fire stations, and air traffic controllers will continue to run.

US Stock Market

Stock markets are closed. It’s going to be a short week for stocks. All US stock markets will be closed on Friday July 3 for Independence Day. This is because July 4 lands on a Saturday this year, a day the stock market is usually closed. it will also be closed on the fourth.

Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions are closed. All banks and credit unions will shut down their local branches on Saturday July 4, so you need to get any banking that needs to get done at the branch offices done before then. Some will also close on Friday, July 3 since this is the day the federal government is observing the holiday since it lands on a Saturday this year.

While the banking branches will be closed for the day, you can still do most basic banking transaction either through the bank’s ATMs or at their website. These run 24/7 and will be working even on the holiday. Just be sure to note any transactions done on the holiday may not post to your account until the next business day.

Post Offices

Post offices are closed. July 4, being an official federal holiday, means post offices will be closed. Mail will also not be delivered on Saturday.

Public and Private Schools

Schools are closed. Since July 4 is a time when schools are usually out for summer vacation, this isn’t really an issue for most. It’s good to note, however, that most public and private schools will typically observe federal holidays, and be closed for them.


Libraries are closed. The vast majority of libraries will close to observe federal holidays, so they will be closed on Saturday.

Garbage Service

Garbage service is closed. Since there is typically not garbage service on Saturday, this won’t affect most people. Garbage service won’t be gathering on Saturday.


In most cases, restaurants are open. Most major restaurant chains will be operating and open on Independence Day. Smaller restaurants which are independently owned may close for the day, so it’s best to contact them directly if you want to dine at them on Saturday.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are open. Gas stations should be operating during the day to cater to all those traveling for the holiday weekend. If there’s an exception and one is closed, there should be plenty of others in the area still open, so finding gas shouldn’t be an issue as you travel. Gas stations which are not normally open 24 hours will likely be on holiday or Sunday business hours.

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5 Responses to July 4: What’s Open and What’s Closed on Independence Day 2015

  1. neringa says:

    This is for 2015. In your banks and credit unions, you state banks will be closed on Friday July 4th. July 4th in 2015 falls on a Saturday.

  2. Jeffrey Strain says:

    This has been fixed

  3. John says:

    Howdy. Will the Post Office also be closed on Friday, July 3rd?

  4. Alexa Mason says:

    No, the post office will be open on Friday 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    Is the NICs closed fri and sat?

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