T-Mobile Scam: FTC Alleges T-Mobile Bilked Customers Out of Over $100,000,000

The federal Trade Commission files a complaint against T-Mobile for cramming charges from third-party companies costing customers millions of dollars
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) isn’t too happy with mobile phone service provider T-Mobile. They allege T-Mobile has been bilking their customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars by charging them monthly premium subscriptions which were, in many cases, never authorized by the T-Mobile customer. These services, such as celebrity gossip or horoscope information came with a monthly charge which was typically $9.99. When this charge was billed to T-Mobile customers, T-Mobile would get as much as a 35% to 40% cut of the charge.

Known as “third-party billing,” T-Mobile would place the charge on their customer’s bill for services the customer received from another


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One Response to T-Mobile Scam: FTC Alleges T-Mobile Bilked Customers Out of Over $100,000,000

  1. Subscriber says:

    The cell phone providers are ALL crooked and do the same thing. Unfortunately, there are very few companies to choose from. The FTC shouldn’t require people to have to sign up to (have their names shown publicaly) show that they were ripped off. They should automatically include ALL subscribers in their suit and refund the money without requiring customers to jump.

    FYI: Do NOT use autopay to pay your monthly phone bill.

    I used a credit card to pay my monthly bill. Then I switched to paying cash at their store location, but they (cell co.) kept billing my card. DOUBLE DIPPING. This went on for three months of going back and forth with the credit card company/cell company.

    FINALLY the credit card co. told me they needed a confirmation number from the cell company BEFORE they would stop letting them steal from me. Why didn’t they tell me this during the first call?????

    They said it wouldn’t matter if I closed my account! So long as Cell co. said I owed money they would get it until the sky turned black.

    WTF??? WHO is the customer of EITHER of these companies?

    The credit card co. explained that the cell company could keep doing this until I gave the credit card co a confirmation number that would stop this.

    The cell company NEVER TOLD ME THIS.

    WHY? Because they liked passing me around like a cheap whore until I finally got a newspaper reporter call the public relations dept of said cell company. Only that got someone to put a stop to this.

    I will NEVER allow my credit card to autopay anything, EVER AGAIN.

    Word to the wise. NEVER USE AUTOPAY unless you like being majorly screwed.


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