Are Banks, Post Offices and Liquor Stores Open on Canada Day 2015?

What is open on Canada day 2014

Canada Day celebrates the birth of Canada, when it became a new federation on July 1, 1867, with the signing of the Constitution Act (also known as the British North America Act). For 2015, Canada Day lands on a Wednesday, and it’s a national statutory holiday which is observed by all the territories and provinces in Canada. As a statutory holiday, federal employees are entitled to the day off with pay. Many businesses and other offices are also closed to celebrate the holiday. Below you’ll find a list of what is and isn’t open in Canada on Tuesday July 1, 2015:

While the list below is a general guideline, there may be regional exceptions. The best course of action to take if you need to know if a specific office or business will or won’t be open on July 1, is to contact them directly to get confirmation on their opening hours.


Banks will be closed for Canada Day. Although this holiday is being celebrated on a Tuesday, which is a day banks are usually open, banks usually close on federal statutory holidays. You should expect all bank branches to be closed on July 1, and you won’t be able to do banking inside local branches.

That being said, you should still be able to do basic banking functions through the bank’s ATMs or on their website. Even when bank branches are closed, ATMs still function. Bank websites are up and running 24/7 without regard to holidays. Both of these should allow you to do basic banking such as make deposits, withdraw money and check balances.

Post Offices

Post offices will be closed on Canada Day. The Canadian post office, being a part of the federal government, will have the day off as a federal statutory holiday. All post office branches will be closed on July 1, and there won’t be any mail delivery on this day as well.

Liquor and Beer Stores

Liquor stores will be closed on Canada Day. Beer and liquor stores across the country will be closed on July 1. If you want to celebrate the holiday with a drink in your hand, be sure to stock up before the first day of July, or you’ll have to go without one.

Government Offices

Government offices will be closed on Canada Day. All non-essential government offices will be closed as part of it being a statutory holiday for federal employees. There are a few exceptions. For example, Canadian National Parks will be open, and as an added bonus, people can enter admission free as part of the holiday celebration.


There’s no garbage pickup on Canada Day. There will not be garbage pickup on July 1. If that is a day when you normally have your garbage taken, check with the garbage company to find out when a make-up day for pickup will be held.

Grocery Store and Pharmacies

Some grocery stores and pharmacies will be open on Canada Day. It’s best to contact your local grocery store and pharmacy to confirm whether or not they will be open. Most should be open part of the day, but they may have shorter than normal or weekend hours.

What’s Open?

  • Most major tourist attractions should remain open, including National Parks, which will be offering free admission.
  • Public transportation in most cities will continue to run, although many will revert to a holiday schedule.
  • Gas stations will remain open, and even if one is closed, there should be others open around it.
  • Convenience stores will be open.
  • Most museums and galleries in major cities will be open for business.
  • Restaurants in tourist areas will be open, but may not be in predominantly business areas. Call to make sure before going.

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  1. Advance Happy Canada Day everyone! Thanks for the information, so if you’re planning to go to the bank, you should do it by Monday.

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