Ways to Get Free McDonald’s World Cup Ole Ole Peel Game Pieces

McDonald's World Cup peel play ole instant win game
There are a lot of people who would like to play the McDonald’s Peel Play Ole Ole instant win game, but not necessarily pay for all the food in order to get the game pieces. With some great prizes available, including tickets to the World Cup final, it’s a contest in which many may want to participate. For those willing to do a little leg work and be creative, there are a number of opportunities to get these game pieces for free.

Collect Game Pieces in the Store

Probably the most enterprising way I’ve seen a person collects McDonald’s game pieces was during last year’s McDonald’s Monopoly game. The individual was working on his computer in the restaurant (McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi at most of their restaurants), and had a sign on his table which read: “Wanted: Game Pieces You’re Going to Throw Away.” It was a successful strategy. When I stopped to talk to him, he had already collected over 50 game pieces while sitting at the table doing his work. The fact is, there are a lot of people who eat at McDonald’s with no intention of playing any of the games offered. These people would simply throw away their game pieces, and this individual had found a way to collect them at no cost.

While this individual was doing it for the McDonald’s Monopoly game, the same strategy could easily be used for the World Cup Ole Ole instant win game. The likelihood of winning any of the instant prizes is slim, since most people will look at the game pieces to see if they won an instant prize. The individual I talked to had won a couple of instant win prizes from people who hadn’t even looked at what was on the game piece, but the main benefit of this strategy was that he was able to collect a lot of pieces for the online codes. The individual was basically collecting free game pieces while he did his normal, everyday work as a freelance computer programmer. If you have a job or other activities you can do while at McDonald’s, this can be a good strategy to collect a lot of game pieces at no cost.

This strategy may vary in success depending on your local store. I asked the individual if the management had any issue with him having the sign on the table, and he said nobody had made any comments to him, and he never made a special request to do so. He was, however, a regular customer at that restaurant and the staff knew him by face. I can imagine some managers might not be as accommodating, and they might ask you not to do this in their store. Still, it’s probably worth trying to do if you’re looking to get game pieces for free, since the rewards are high, and the worst thing that might happen is they ask you to take down the sign.

Dumpster Dive for Game Pieces

For those who don’t have the time to sit around in a restaurant all day, another option would be to dumpster dive. Many people who get game pieces will look at them, but then throw them away if they didn’t receive an instant win prize. These pieces still have valid online codes which are valid for the online game. By going through the dumpster, you should be able to collect a good number of pieces in a short period of time. This also allows you to visit all of the restaurants in your area instead of just one.

This method for collecting game pieces isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of people who simply think it’s wrong or gross to go through trash, but for those willing to do so, they should be able to score quite a few game pieces. If you decide to take this approach to getting pieces, you’ll want to check to make sure dumpster diving is legal in your town. It still is in the vast majority of places, but you want to make sure, because nobody wants to get fined for trying to collect McDonald’s instant win game pieces.

Ask Restaurant Workers

If you have friends who works at McDonald’s, you can ask them to collect game pieces for you. This, of course, is if they are collecting the game pieces for themselves. Workers won’t be able to take them directly off the packaging, since the packaging in most restaurants is strictly inventoried. The advantage they do have is they’re the ones who usually have first-access to game pieces being thrown away when they clean off tables and take the trash out to the dumpster. If you have a friend who works at McDonald’s, asking them to collect pieces for you can be an easy way to get quite a few at no cost, since employees are likely to come across quite a few each day by simply doing their job.

Recruit Friends

For those who have a large number of friends who frequently eat at McDonald’s, you can ask them to save game pieces for you, Again, this is if they’re not collecting them for themselves. There are a surprising number of people who simply don’t play these games, and if they don’t want the pieces, it’s usually fairly easy for them to save them for you. The more friends you have who are willing to do this for you, the more free game pieces you’re likely to get.

The Cheapest Alternative

If none of the no-cost ways to get game pieces sounds appealing to you, or simply they won’t work for your circumstances, the least expensive way to get game pieces for this contest is through the mail. It’s actually much less expensive than buying any of the food items which contain the pieces, although you don’t get a food item. You can get them by mail for the cost of two first-class stamps ($0.49 each for a total of $0.98) since you must also include a return self-addressed envelope. Since you get two game pieces for each letter you send, the price comes to about $0.50 each.

This is a fraction of the price you would have to pay for any of the food items. The one big drawback is time. You must hand address each envelope, and you can only get two game pieces for each envelope you send. That means there’s a lot of writing involved if you choose to go this route. For those interested, game pieces can be requested at the following address.

McDonald’s 2014 Peel. Play. Ole Ole Game Piece Request
PO Box 49452
Strongsville, Ohio 44149-0452

You can find out more information about sending away for game pieces, and all of the official rules, here.

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    Great article, my sentiments exactly. If anyone has extra tokens they are not going to use for whatever reason (not eligible, etc.), please consider sending them to me at njfworld(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Thank you so much!

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