Emperor Penguins Really Do March and That’s Good News for Their Survival

study: emperor penguins more willing to relocate nesting grounds
There is some good news for anyone who loved the movies “Happy Feet” and “March of the Penguins.” The main characters of those movies may be a lot more resilient than researchers had previously assumed. The new findings give the emperor penguin a better chance of long-term survival with warming weather and decreased Antarctic ice.

Scientist had assumed penguins returned to the exact same nesting area each year to breed. If true, this posed serious problems for their colonies with climate change and the melting of ice where they breed. New research out of the University of Minnesota reveals that emperor penguins may be much more willing to relocate their nesting ground


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One Response to Emperor Penguins Really Do March and That’s Good News for Their Survival

  1. This article makes sense, I’m glad to see the Emperor penguins are still being studied, they fascinate me.
    The same sort of assumptions were made about the American Indian, which proved totally incorrect.
    All creatures don’t stay in one spot all the time. It’s too risky, considering that predators are not stupid either.

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