AAA Expects Increase in June Gas Prices, Defying Usual Trend, Due to Iraq

AAA: higher gas prices in June due to Iraq turmoil
With the price of a barrel of oil hitting a yearly high this past week due to unrest in Iraq, it was obvious to most that US gasoline prices would begin to creep up in cost. AAA has come out with a new report confirming what everyone suspected. At the beginning of June, AAA was predicting higher than normal gasoline prices for June compared to the same time last year, but these prices would remain steady through the month. They predicted the national average for gas during June would likely vary between $3.55 to $3.70 per gallon. AAA is now saying, “Given the increase in crude oil prices to nearly a nine-month high, retail gas prices are likely to rise to or near the current 2014 high ...

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