10 Crowd Funding Websites Where You Can Raise Money

get money through crowdfunding
The way you can raise money has dramatically changed over the last few years. In the past, you had to go from lender to lender begging to get money. That’s no longer the case and now you can get others to pay for your projects if they have a wide appeal. You may or may not have heard about crowd funding, where someone posts a project or product they plan to create if they get enough donations from supporters. Crowd funding websites have become pretty common the past few years and have ended up producing everything from movies to books to clothing. If you have a project you’re looking to get help with, or even a project you’re interested in supporting, here are some different crowd funding websites to consider:


Kickstarter is one of the most well-known crowd funding websites and has financed thousands of creative projects over the years. Unlike many other crowd sourcing websites, you cannot use Kickstarter for businesses, charities, personal financing, or specific causes. The project you post must be purely creative, such as requesting funding for recording an album, filming a movie, or creating a video game. Kickstarter is a great crowd funding website for creative types looking for donations and support to get their projects off the ground. It does, however, charge a 5% fee on all successful projects.


GoFundMe is another big crowd funding website, but unlike Kickstarter, it doesn’t require a tangible product. Many people have used GoFundMe to raise money for things from creative projects to paying off medical bills. Unlike many crowd funding websites that require you to meet your goal in order to keep all donations, GoFundMe allows you to keep all donations even if the goal isn’t met. However, the site also requires a 2.9% fee.


Indiegogo operates much like GoFindMe in that it allows you to crowd fund for any type of reason (except, however, for personal investment). Indiegogo doesn’t charge a fee for setting up a project and also has a lot of useful how-to guides on how best to maximize your fundraising campaign. If you don’t meet your donation goal, the site allows you to keep all the money, but it does charge you a 9% fee.


Crowdfunder is a crowd funding website dedicated primarily for investments rather than personal projects or finance. Crowdfunder allows people to invest money into a business or allows entrepreneurs to put their business on the market for individuals to invest in. Crowdfunder is a popular investment website that currently only allows equity crowd funding from individual contributors, angel investors, or VCs.


RocketHub is a crowd funding website that is very similar to GoFundMe and Indiegogo in that it’s a website that is very focused on any type of creative project. What makes RocketHub different from other crowd funding websites is that is has a partnership with A&E, which has a chance of giving your project a ton of television exposure if it’s something A&E chooses to support. Additionally, RocketHub allows you to easily connect with any potential marketing or promotions partners to help you better promote your campaign. Like with many of the other sites, RocketHub also charges fees to posting a project: 4% commission if you reach your fundraising goal and 8% if you don’t.


CrowdRise is a crowd funding website that it primarily focused on charitable donations and causes. The website doesn’t allow any personal or business projects (however, personal projects such as raising money for medical bills or school tuition do count as a “charitable cause”). CrowdRise is tax deductible and takes a 3%-5% fee for all projects.


Peerbackers is another crowd funding website that is focused on supporting entrepreneurs and innovators. The website has hosted thousands of projects and has recently partnered with student organizations so that teenagers and young adults can also search out funding for their business ideas. Because crowd funding can be a risky business, Peerbackers has a section of their website named Crowdfunding Academy that offers support and tutorials to those who are new to crowd funding.


SoMoLend is a peer-to-peer crowd funding site for small businesses looking for lenders or investments. The website works with mostly brick-and-mortar businesses that are well established (having been in business for at least one year), and who have enough cash flow and customers that they’re able to service debt. It facilitates individual, bank, and accredited investor loans to businesses that are looking for funding.


Appbackr is, as the name suggests, targeted towards people looking for funding for mobile apps. Mobile apps have grown significantly over the past few years and designing and building them can become pretty costly. Appbackr allows you to launch a campaign to help promote your app and seek investors.


FundRazr is a crowd funding website that offers its services to anyone looking to raise money, whether you’re an individual, a business, or a non-profit organization. It boasts a user base of over 40,000 people in 20 different countries. Projects are free to post, but cost a 5% FundRazr fee and 2.9% Payment Provider fee when you transfer the raised amount to your bank.

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4 Responses to 10 Crowd Funding Websites Where You Can Raise Money

  1. Bob Billybob says:

    Not sure why Deposit a Gift isn’t on this list. I recently launched a campaign on this site and I was pretty happy with the success.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is a great list with some good diversity of crowdfunding platforms. One you missed: Kapipal.

    Kapipal was founded in 2009, making it one of the first crowdfunding platforms of its kind in the world. The focus is on personal crowdfunding. There are no project requirements, no minimums to raise, and only PayPal fees. Any money you raise is yours to keep.

    Whether you have a personal project (like recording an album, rebuilding a classic car, or a documentary to film), a charitable cause (like an animal rescue league or a friend’s Lyme Disease treatment), or a group purchase (like buying a large wedding gift or collecting money for a birthday party), Kapipal is the place to raise money!

  3. Patty says:

    All of these seem pretty interesting sites, but someone recommended that I use Deposit a Gift, since it has “more features”, like “tickets”, to help raise money for the local church. I have started to set up my page and like the site a lot so far, I’m surprised that its not on this list.

  4. Carrie says:

    I have been considering this for a while so I found your article….hmmm. I’m wondering if this would work for me. I am a single mother and a disabled veteran and have zero family except my son who is 12. I recently left and divorced his father and he is now trying to get custody of his son. I’m a great mother. I really am. Only problem is I have no way to hire a lawyer on a fixed income and raising a child all alone. I don’t know I hate asking for anything. I’ve new r gotten any sort of public aid or anything. But do u think that would work? Ughh. I don’t know

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