Starbucks Decides to Serve College Degrees to Their Employees

Starbucks will offer college tuition reimbursement at Arizona State University
Working at the world’s largest coffee chain just got a whole lot more attractive with the announcement they’re going to begin serving more than just coffee to their customers. They’re now also going to start serving college degrees to their employees. Starbucks announced they’ll offer to subsidize more than half of the college tuition costs for all of their baristas working at one of their 8,200 company-operated stores, as well as those employees who work at Evolution Fresh, La Boulange, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Teavana stores. The program won’t be available to the Starbucks’ employees who work at any of the 4,500 franchise locations. To qualify, th...

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2 Responses to Starbucks Decides to Serve College Degrees to Their Employees

  1. faith says:

    I would have loved to have had an opportunity like this. I wish I hadn’t taken on so much debt for my college education. An expensive lesson learned.

  2. That is an amazing benefit for those entering as juniors or seniors, since it is 100% paid for if they are full time, this truly is getting a degree for free.

    For those who are at the freshman and sophomore level, this probably is not a good deal. The press release states they will receive partial re-reimbursement. It may be more cost effective for employees to do the first 2 years at a community college than to take this benefit, since the credit hour cost is so high.

    Overall this is a great benefit, and there are already a lot of options to save money for the first two years of schooling, so having such a large benefit for the final 2 years is huge. This could be a $30,000 value over 2 years for someone attending full time.

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