Will Fasting Become a New Weapon in the Fight Against Diabetes?

Study: fasting can help fight diabetes and heart disease
A group of researchers in Utah, studying people who fast from time to time for religious reasons, found in past studies that those who fast tend to have low rates of both heart disease and diabetes. These researchers wanted to know if fasting could stop or reverse heart disease and diabetes. While their most recent study isn’t conclusive, and they say it’s still too soon to recommend fasting for medical purposes based on their findings, their initial results indicate fasting can be an important intervention when it comes to fighting diabetes. These results come after another study showed fasting twice a year may also reboot your immune system.

Benjamin Horne, the lead author of


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4 Responses to Will Fasting Become a New Weapon in the Fight Against Diabetes?

  1. Hamchan says:

    Fasting would be dangerous for anyone who is already diabetic. If your glucose levels drop too low you can go into a coma and die. It may work as prevention, but I cannot imagine it being recommended for diabetes management.

  2. JOSEPH HECHT says:

    As a diabetic on insulin, this sounds like great news. However, I suspect that skipping the meals while on insulin might cause me to go into diabetic shock. Doesn’t sound like it should be a recommended course of action!

  3. John Colby says:

    I have been doing the Intermittent Fasting for about 3 months ALONG WITH a low carb diet. What happens is that because of the fact that the body begins to use fat for energy, the blood glucose never drops as it does if I were doing a high carb diet. I have been testing about 5 times a day and have never had suger even down into the 70s. BTW My sugars have stabilized around 100 average and I have completely stopped taking my metformin.

    Fasting is an awesome tool, but it is just a tool.

  4. Scott says:

    can you explain what you mean by intermittent fasting? How long? What’s permitted to eat/drink? How often a month? Just trying to get a handle on what the practical aspects of intermittent fasting are.


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