66% of Americans Have Increased Chance of Early Death from Low Vitamin D Levels

Study: low levels of vitamin D lead to early death
With all the concern about protecting your skin from the sun’s rays to preventing skin damage and cancer, it’s important for everyone to make sure they get their vitamin D levels tested when they visit their doctor. People staying out of the sun, and using sunscreen to a greater degree, have resulted in more people having vitamin D deficiency. Even president Obama takes vitamin D supplements due to low levels. This deficiency can cause a number of health problems including bone issues, cognitive impairment and even cancer. New research suggests vitamin D deficiency can have an even more serious health consequence — early death.

A thorough review of vitamin D research publi


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One Response to 66% of Americans Have Increased Chance of Early Death from Low Vitamin D Levels

  1. Vit D guy says:

    I was tested a few years ago, and I turned out to have critically low levels. If you live North of Atlanta, the sun just isn’t enough to give you adequate D.

    Craziest part is? I haven’t suffered my traditional seasonal depression symptoms for two years now in a row. 2,000 IUs daily in addition to my normal activities (daily vit, milk, etc) brought mine to where I needed it.

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