50 SPF Sunscreen Protects, but Not Enough to Stop Skin Cancer

Study: sunscreen protects, but can't prevent melanoma cancer
It’s that time of the year when the sunscreen comes out, but don’t be deceived into believing that rubbing on 50 SPF sunscreen is enough to protect your skin from the deadliest form of skin cancer. A study published in the journal Nature found sunscreen with high SPF protection helps to reduce most sun damage, but there’s still enough radiation which penetrates to the skin to cause malignant melanoma.

The study also determined how ultraviolet rays managed to damage DNA in skin cells. Until this study, how this happened hadn’t been well understood. The researchers were able to determine the sun’s radiation ends up harming a critical gene called TP53. This gene n


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One Response to 50 SPF Sunscreen Protects, but Not Enough to Stop Skin Cancer

  1. getforfree says:

    I usually buy 90 spf sunscreen. Sometimes 70 if the 90 is not available. I figured that spf 15 or even 50 doesn’t help much but costs about the same. I am not interested in getting tanned anyways. My face and hands and other exposed areas are already way darker than the parts of the body that stay under the clothes. Does anyone know how to get my face skin back to being white original color to match my other body parts?

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