United Changes Its Frequent Flier Program: Some Ways to Earn Miles without Flying

United Airlines makes changes to it's frequent flier program business travelers
For anyone who likes to save money by playing the frequent flier game with airlines, United just made it a little harder for the average person to earn miles to qualify for free airline tickets. This isn’t a surprise. It’s a trend the airline industry has been heading toward for some time now, and it simply adds another major airline to the growing list rewarding those who fly and pay the most, over the average traveler who only makes a few trips a year.

The change comes in the way reward miles are given as part of the frequent flyer program. When frequent flyer programs began, those who participated were rewarded by the number of miles flown. For each mile flown, a member would


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3 Responses to United Changes Its Frequent Flier Program: Some Ways to Earn Miles without Flying

  1. Wayne French says:

    I wonder who they think fills the most seats in an airplane. I have flown first class, business class and economy. There is always seats that are not sold in first class and business class. I usually fly 4 to 5 times a year and for being a loyal United flier I will now be penalized because I am not fortunate to be rich. Between congress and the rich there will be no more middle class. MAYBE they should create a middle class business section. What a joke.

  2. Phil says:

    As a former elite-level Continental member, I can tell you that the switch to being a United elite-level member was anything but clean. In fact, on one post-merger trip with a connection between the two airlines this year, I was given priority boarding on the first leg, only to be unceremoniously (and somewhat rudely) sent to the back of the line on the connecting flight. I don’t mind waiting my turn, but to be publicly shamed at the front of a packed boarding area was uncalled for and unpleasant. Even now, on our last trip as a family, getting everyone’s account numbers updated and miles assigned was a hassle, and I’m still not sure the miles were tallied.
    No wonder UNITED is the dead last in a customer service ranking of the major airlines.

  3. I’ve been using some applications for the Smartphone that can help me to get a reward. My friend introduces this to me and from now on, I always do use it regularly.

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