Will Capital One Make Credit Karma Obsolete?

Credit Karma vs Capital One free credit scores
First it was Discover. Now it’s Capital One that is throwing a wrench into the business model Credit Karma has created for its livelihood. There continues to be huge changes in the arena of free credit scores, and Capital One has taken a step closer to making Credit Karma (and other free credit score companies like Credit Sesame and Quizzle) obsolete.

What is the big change over Discover? A dedicated area where customers can learn how to improve their credit score, and learn how financial decisions they make can affect it. In other words, they aren’t simply giving their customer a credit score and letting them figure out what that means on their own. They are providing tools so t


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4 Responses to Will Capital One Make Credit Karma Obsolete?

  1. henry says:

    I used to use Credit Karma, but don’t any longer since I get my score with Discover now. Like it was mentioned in the article, why bother to go someplace to check out my score when it comes to me now? I love the convenience.

  2. Will says:

    Capital One Credit Tracker is a FAKO score, almost exactly the same as Credit Karma but with less tools.

  3. Article updated to correct. Thank you.

  4. Drew says:

    There is over 100 pt difference between credit karma and credit tracker. Anybody know why ther could be such a wide gap since they both supposedly report from transunion?

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