Better Sleep Can Help Improve Learning and Memory

Study: better sleep improves memory and learning

If you want to improve your memory and learning ability, a crucial aspect is making sure you’re getting enough sleep suggests a new study in the June 6 edition of Science magazine. The study in mice seemed to show that nerve cell connections strengthened during deep sleep, and may help to explain the way sleep is able to help the brain better retain information.

The co-author of the study, Wen-Biao Gan who works at the New York University School of Medicine, says the findings show the importance sleep has on learning and memory. He notes that when a person sleeps, they are far from wasting time. During that time, the brain is making better connections to improve memory and learning.


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One Response to Better Sleep Can Help Improve Learning and Memory

  1. Gwenie says:

    Frankly I do not know how people in NYC, for example, can sleep at all due to the noise. If the room is too hot or too cold, I sleep badly. If I am agitated about some life event I sleep badly. If someone in my family is ill and I am care taking, I sleep badly. If I am in pain, a very frequent experience, I sleep badly.

    What we need is a soporific that is nonaddicting, pleasant to take and will allow us to have slow wave sleep without any hangover the next morning or day.

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