15 Terrible Excuses That Will Wreck Your Finances

common money excuses

We all tend to make excuses from time to time. It’s just human nature. But I’ve seen people rely too heavily on excuses when it comes to money. When they have too much debt or can’t seem to make ends meet they pull out the excuses as to why their life has to be this way. The excuses become a way to avoid dealing with the real problems, which are usually fixable with effort. Here are the most common excuses I hear and how you can combat them in your own life.

I Just Can’t Manage Money

Some people get it in their heads that finance and money are just concepts that are so far above their understanding that they’ll never get it. Finance is only for the super intel


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  1. Great article Jennifer. Financial irresponsibility is a pandemic running wild with most people experiencing all of the symptoms you have mentioned above. Keep it up. People must learn that financial planning responsibilities in all its capacities is your own and can’t be delegated.

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