The Best Credit Cards for Amazon Purchases

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By Will Charles is one of the most well known and popular online retailers, because of this in 2013 they did $74.45 billion in revenue. If you’re anything like me you do a lot of your shopping on amazon, as such it’s important to have a credit card that earns at a high rate for this online juggernaut. Rewards Visa Card From Chase: 3% Cash Back

A lot of people wrongly assume that the card offered by Chase is the best on the market when it comes to purchases on Both companies rely on this knowledge and instead of offering an amazing cash back rate on Amazon purchases they instead only offer 3%. As you’ll see in this post, there


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3 Responses to The Best Credit Cards for Amazon Purchases

  1. The really sweet deal, until just a couple weeks ago, was, if you lived in the Midwest near a Meijer store, you could buy Amazon Kindle gift cards for 15% off on the days when they had the 15% off general merchandise. (Other gift cards were excluded from the 15% off, but the Amazon Kindle cards in the electronics department were a loophole that was open for at least a year, but was closed just a couple weeks ago.)

    So, for example, if using the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card, you’d get the 15% off general merchandise, then you get your regular 6% cash back at grocery stores to net you 20.1% off your purchases at Amazon.

  2. I buy almost everything on Amazon. Getting 3% from buying Amazon gift cards with the Amex blue card at grocery stores is really clever!

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