Money Topics They Don’t Teach in High School, but Should

students sitting at high school graduation in graduation gowns

One of the biggest disgraces of the school system is that it often fails to teach basics that we all need for everyday life once we graduate. A prime example of this is basic personal finance. If we could get more students to graduate from high school with a basic understanding of how personal finances work so they could make good financial decisions with their money, there would be a lot less money problems in the United States. It’s a wonder the subject isn’t emphasized more in the classroom. Here are some financial topics that they don’t teach in high school, but they definitely should:


In high school, most teenagers don’t have to worry about saving the


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5 Responses to Money Topics They Don’t Teach in High School, but Should

  1. honour says:

    I don’t think high schools can teach all of life’s lessons. They have enough problems teaching math and science. In the past parents had the responsibility of teaching their children life lessons based on their values.

    In some instances parents seem to duck their responsibilities and ask the schools to teach life skills without adequate funding or parental support. Perhaps banks and financial institutions should be teaching financial skills. You can’t have a driver’s licence without taking a test and passing. One solution is you can’t have a CC without passing a financial test for example

  2. Dwayne A Dunham Sr.r says:

    Why teach high school student to go into and stay in debt by maintaining a high credit score, when we should be teaching them to budget, save up, and pay cash for purchases. Here’s an idea, teach them the Dave Ramsey plan!

  3. The Cudder says:

    While I teaching them a financial way of life is a bite extreme (yes, I’m referring to Dave Ramsey), at least teaching the what these things are would be benefical. I graduated HS in 2003 and the only “adult life” thing I learned in school (aside from driving) was how to balance a check book, and that was in the 6th grade! No kid should be taught to frown upon loans, credit cards, etc, but it would leave them better prepared to ask questions and be better prepared when applying for & utilizing credit cards, loans.

  4. The Cudder says:

    We all know some parents aren’t in ANY position to be passing along financial advice. So yeah, some one has to educate the youth on financial topics.

  5. If high schools can teach home economics then then they can make room for a class that helps them understand basic personal finance. Its basic knowledge that required to be a good citizen. You know…the kind that pays there bills on time so that companies thrive and employees pay taxes then get their paycheck. Needless to say I completely agree with the article. Preach this one from the mountain top! Amen.

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