Credit Karma Alternatives for a Free Credit Score

Credit Karma alternatives for a free credit score

There was a time when the only way you could get a free credit score was to hand over your credit card. You would usually have to sign-up for a credit monitoring service as part of the deal which wouldn’t initially cost anything for the first month, but if you forgot to cancel the membership, your credit card would be charged. While there are still companies out there offering credit scores in this manner, it’s no longer essential for you to have to give a credit card in order to obtain a credit score.

Probably the most popular option to get a free credit score which doesn’t require a credit card is from Credit Karma. They offer a number of different FAKO credit scores (FAKO scores are often called “educational scores,” and they’re not an official FICO score which lenders use). The scores they offer include the Auto Insurance Score, TransRisk New Account Score, and VantageScore all through the TransUnion credit reporting agency.

While they’re the most popular choice, they aren’t the only choice available to you. There are a number of other websites and companies which offer a free credit score without you having to give a credit card. Below you’ll find a few legitimate alternatives to Credit Karma where you can also get a credit score at no-cost.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame works much the same way as Credit Karma, but they deliver a different FAKO credit score to their users. Credit Sesame uses Experian’s National Equivalency Score. They also offer free identity theft protection insurance which differentiates them from other competitors, most of which only offer the no-cost credit score and credit monitoring. (their site)


Quizzle is another service whitch offers a no-cost FAKO score to its users, but it delivers a different credit score service than both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. Quizzle uses Equifax’s VantageScore. (their site) is another website which offers a free FAKO credit score to their users. Their score, like that of Credit Sesame, is from the credit reporting agency Experian, but they use their VantageScore. (their site)


WisePiggy is a new website offering scores without the need of a credit card. They remain much smaller than the others mentioned above. They provide the TransUnion VantageScore FAKO score to their members. (their site)

Discover Credit Card

Discover credit card holders now receive their FICO credit score (the TransUnion 08 Bankcard Enhanced version which is the one a credit card company would see) with each of their credit card statements at no charge. There is a debate as to whether or not a FICO score is better than a FAKO score since there are nearly 50 different FICO score versions, but Discover credit cards do offer a true FICO score while the other services don’t.

It’s important to note that in order to get any of these free scores, you will have to give the company your social security number and other sensitive financial information. There is always a risk that these companies don’t keep the information secure.

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  1. Will says:

    Barclays, Walmart & FNBO also all offer free FICO scores.

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    only in wan to see score

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