Warren Buffett Power Lunch Auction Reaches $100,000 within an Hour

Warren Buffet eBay power lunch auction 2014

The Warren Buffett private lunch auction to benefit the Glide Foundation started with a bang by hitting six figures within an hour of going live on the evening of Friday, June 1. The auction began at 7:30 pm PDT, and by 8:30 the auction had risen to above $100,000.

The first bid of $25,000 came within the first 2 minutes of the auction going live, then rose to $26,100 just over ten minutes in. Bids remained there until 40 minutes in when the auction jumped to $90,000, then it topped the $100,000 mark just before the first hour of the auction ended. There were four bidders who made a total of 11 bids to reach and pass the six figure mark in the first hour.

Not just anyone can bid. For thos


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One Response to Warren Buffett Power Lunch Auction Reaches $100,000 within an Hour

  1. henry says:

    I’m surprised that it didn’t go up even faster than that. Usually there is a flurry of bidding at the beginning of a popular auction like this. I’m sure it will go much higher.

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