Diet Soda May Help to Lose Weight, but These Are Better Alternatives

diet soda helps lose weight more than water

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not diet drinks can help you lose weight. A recent study (PDF) published in the journal Obesity found those who drank diet drinks lost a larger amount of weight than those who drank water (Note: this study was conducted for the beverage industry and there have been some questions about the methodology. Even the researchers concede they don’t know why those who drank the diet soda lost more weight since the study’s design didn’t allow them to identify what caused the greater weight loss). On the flip side, there have been a number of studies that show people who drink diet soda have a greater chance at being obese than those who


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17 Responses to Diet Soda May Help to Lose Weight, but These Are Better Alternatives

  1. derrick says:

    Diet soda is so bad for you and is filled with all kinds of chemicals. Stay away from it like the plague if you have any regard for your own health. That stuff is just terrible.

  2. gina says:

    As soon as you noted that the study was conducted by the beverage industry, I was inclined to disregard it. Unless this can be confirmed by some independent study that doesn’t have anything to gain by saying that diet sodas help you lose weight, I’m inclined to call bs. I look at this more as a marketing ploy than a true study.

  3. bill says:

    you shouldn’t be ‘inclined’ to disregard it, you should immediately disregard it out of hand. if an industry funds research that suggests you should buy more of their unhealthy chemical laden products in order to improve your health, something should sound amiss – especially when independent studies have reached conclusions that contradict this suggestion.

  4. dave says:

    Industry sponsored studies by the tobacco companies said that smoking wasn’t bad for you, too.

  5. D. Christie says:


    (Note: this study was conducted for the beverage industry and the results are complete Bullchit!)

  6. M@ says:

    I hate to break it to you, but you’re made of chemicals and you need to eat chemicals (vitamin C, for example) to survive.

  7. C. Chatterton says:

    One thing you didn’t mention is a SodaStream. By making your own soda you can control the amount of sugar in it. You can also make your own carbonated flavored water that has all the “carbonation people crave” with none of the sugar.

    Another thing I like about unsweetened Iced Tea is you can sweeten it, just control the amount of sugar you use (notice I’m big on that). I’ve gotten to the point where I can add just a packet of sugar to a 32oz Iced Tea and it gives me enough sweetness to enjoy without being packed to the gills with sugar like the soda companies like to do. It’s all about control!

  8. Robert says:

    I’m actually inclined to believe it simply because it was published by a reputable journal. Hear me out on this – Even with industry-sponsored studies, the results and methodology must be peer-reviewed to be published. If, for example, the study was done with proper scientific method and the results showed that drinking diet soda did NOT reduce obesity, the industry would have simply not bothered to publish it. It’s much easier and far less risky to simply bury an unflattering study than to falsify results and try to get them published. Ultimately, other independent studies will have to replicate the results before one can say for sure. Just because a study is funded by an industry does not mean the results are automatically falsified or the methodology somehow flawed.

  9. crazyliblady says:

    Green tea actually has LESS caffeine than black iced tea assuming they are brewed for the same amount of time.

  10. Fat Bastard says:

    Can’t you guys see this is a bait and switch article. It’s meant to attract attention by being controversial besides being completely false. The guy that posted this article should be ashamed but I guess nowadays everyone and everything is for sale.

  11. Josh Walker says:

    Notice the details: “since the study’s design didn’t allow them to identify what caused the greater weight loss.” SO they dont even know if the soda was the reason for the loss maybe the people who drank diet weighed 400lbs so they lost more weight than the people who were 200lbs drinking regular soda.

  12. Stewart says:

    If you read some of the full articles on this you will note that the methodology was peer reviewed in advance and there was an agreement to publish whatever the results turned out to be. The study seems legit, and it’s conclusion reasonable. But folks are not reading closely to see what the study was about. It was about people who liked diet soda and then went on a diet and excercise program. Some kept drinking diet soda and the others had to switch to water. It’s logical that the folks switching to water had less will power left for the rest of the program. And the study indicates that claims that diet soda somehow makes people gain weight are as unlikely as they sound. People who drink diet soda tend be overweight probably because people who are overweight drink diet soda as a quick fix (that doesn’t work).

  13. bethofspring says:

    Been drinking diet soda for over 60 years.
    I don’t consider the chemicals dangerous.
    It started with saccharine and morphed into cyclamates (I still get them from Canada).
    Then we finally got NutraSweet, which broke down in the pantry.
    Splenda was the next big find, and the doomsday prophets could not wait to dump on it.
    Now the stevia blends like Truvia are the darlings of those who didn’t like the plain stevia.
    I drink any and all.
    Therein lies the enemy.

  14. I prefer to drink water or black coffee rather than diet soda. Also, having a good diet and exercise would definitely lose you some weight.

  15. I love soda but I don’t think it an help you lose weight. If you really want to be fit and stay healthy, better choose plain water or unsweetened drinks.

  16. Tyler says:

    YEAH, water is my number one choice! But it’s not the only factor that influence fatloss, and trust me there are only a few crucial ones that people overlook.

    If you want to learn all about these key factors that will help you LOSE THE FAT, and NEVER GAIN IT BACK, i invite you to click on my name. See you on the other side! If you’re not blown away by this, dinner’s on me! : )

  17. Andrew M says:

    I find water the easiest and when I’m out I usually buy water if I’m thirsty.

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