Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Text Link WordPress Plugin

Make money with the WordPress Amazon affiliate link plugin

A good way to make extra income on your blog is to link products that you mention to Amazon through your affiliate link. If a reader clicks through and buys something, you’ll earn a small commission for referring them to Amazon to make the purchase. The problem with doing this is that it can be quite time consuming getting the affiliate link each time you mention a product on your blog. Many people simply don’t do this because it ends up not being worth the time and effort for what you earn to do so each time.

Even for those who do decide to begin affiliate linking to Amazon, it can be a pain to go back through all of your old blog’s posts to add Amazon links to all of th


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3 Responses to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Text Link WordPress Plugin

  1. Thanks for this tip to make extra income with your blog. And the Amazon keywords to links WordPress plug-in is a very good plug-in that the user can easily use.

  2. Keyur Amin says:

    Great article on earning from Amazon. I agree, little money but at the end of a year, it could be a huge sum of money.

    I would definitely let my subscribers know about this technique. The good thing is that it is a free plugin, no investment and a set & forget kind of a method.


  3. sidfe2010 says:

    Thanks for putting this together. I have been looking for an easy way to link to Amazon and this looks like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Can’t wait to try it out!

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