Some California Wells Fargo Bank Branches Go Down Friday Morning

Wells Fargo California Banks closed due to computer glitch

“We are aware of the situation and working to resolve it quickly. We encourage our customers to use online and mobile banking as one avenue while we work to resolve this.” – Statement from Wells Fargo public relations

Update from Wells Fargo: As of 12:30 PM PT all branches have recovered and are now open for business.

I just stopped by my local Wells Fargo branch to take out some money and was stopped at the door. I was told that the branch was closed because of “a major computer issue” that has made it so none of the computers in the bank worked. When I asked where the nearest branch was that I could take out some money, I was told that it was a “sever issue” that was affecting all Wells Fargo branches in California and that none were currently open for operation. (Update: Wells Fargo now says that the “issue impacted a small number of our overall stores in CA, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was resolved quickly.”)

They were processing deposits if you had your account number and were accommodating withdrawals of up to $100. When I asked when they thought the issue would be resolved, they said they were hoping to open everything by this afternoon, but there were no guarantees.

This can cause some major headaches for people who are planning to leave for the Memorial Day weekend who can’t get access to their cash, especially if they aren’t able to solve the issue by this afternoon. Many people will be taking off for their vacations Friday afternoon and may be stuck without the amount of cash they hoped to take. This could also cause major issues for those who had other banking they needed to do before the Memorial Day weekend, which could only be done at a branch. Banks will be closed on Sunday and Monday for the federal holiday.

I have contacted Wells Fargo to get a statement on what exactly is happening. I was told that they are aware that there is an outage issue, but they didn’t currently have more information. I will update this post when I hear back from them. If you were planning to go to withdraw money today at your local Wells Fargo bank, give them a call to make sure their systems have been restored before you make the trip.

If you need cash, one option would be to withdraw money from a non Wells Fargo affiliated ATM, but there may be charges for doing so.

(Photo courtesy of Ken Teegardin)

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