What Are Good Deals at Memorial Day Sales 2015

Best things to buy at Memorial Day sales

If you are in need of certain items, Memorial Day sales can be a great time to buy in certain cases. Most retail stores will be open for the holiday (with Costco being the big exception) trying to get your business (banks will be closed, while grocery stores will be open).

First and foremost, the only reason that you should be shopping the Memorial Day sales is because you absolutely need to buy something. You should never shop the sales event if there isn’t something specific that you need. It doesn’t matter how much you save on the sale, you end up losing money if it’s something that you wouldn’t have normally purchased. With that in mind, here are a few things that you might consider purchasing over the Memorial Day weekend if they happen to be on your list.

Spring Clothing

Probably the best deals that can be found over the Memorial Day weekend sales are for spring clothing. The spring clothes have been in the stores for a few months, and the summer clothing lines are beginning to come in. That means that the stores need to move out all their spring inventory to make way for the summer clothes. A lot of the spring clothes lines will be discounted 50% or more. Add in Memorial Day sales, where it’s possible to find coupons taking off an additional 10% to 40% from the already discounted prices, and this weekend is a great time to get all your spring clothing for next year.

Home Goods

May is a great month to buy home goods in general, and if you add in the discount coupons which are usually available for Memorial Day sales, you can get some fantastic deals. Many items in the housewares category will already be marked down as much as 50% at places such as Pottery Barn and Sears. If you can find a weekend sale coupon, you can add that on top of the discounted price to save even more.

Barbecue Grills

This isn’t the best time to buy barbecue grills because they will be discounted even more at the end of summer when the stores will want to get rid of their inventory. That being said, if you’re planning to do a lot of grilling this year, and you need to replace your old grill because it’s not going to last this summer, the Memorial Day sales will be your best opportunity to get one at a good price. Stores will discount some to drive traffic to the stores, so with a bit of work and price comparison, you should be able to find a decent deal.

Camping and Outdoor Gear

Much like with barbecue grills, the best time to buy camping and outdoor gear will be at the end of the summer season when stores will be liquidating all their overstock. If, however, there is camping or outdoor gear that you absolutely need to get to use this coming summer, you’re likely to find the best deals during the Memorial Day sales. The discounts on these items will be limited, but if you do your homework, shop the sales, and look for coupons to stack on top of those, then you should be able to find a decent deal on these items. Still, be sure that you can’t get by without buying it until the end of summer, as this will be the time to get the best deal.


The best time to buy a car is when the new season models are coming out, or at the end of the year. If you need to purchase a new car before the end of the year, the Memorial Day sales (which can last until the end of the month, and even into June) can be a good time to do it. The weather has usually improved across the US and car dealerships are eager to get people into their showrooms. To entice people to their showrooms, many car dealerships will be offering good discounts for the holiday.

The key to remember here is that you don’t want to be upsold extras that you don’t need. There will be good discounts on the base models to drive you into the showroom, but the salespeople will try to get you to buy upgrades to make their money. You need to do your homework and know which model you want and how much it usually sells for. If you’ve done your research, you should be able to spot whether there are quality Memorial Day sales out there that can get you the car you want for a little less.

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