Are Drug, Liquor and Grocery Stores Open on Memorial Day 2015?

are drugstores and grocery stores open on Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is often referred to as the unofficial beginning of summer, and many people spend the holiday weekend outdoors or barbecuing with friends and family. For those who will have people over and providing food and drink for family gatherings, it’s important to know the schedules of grocery stores, drug stores and liquor stores in your area. The good news is that most of these will be open over the Memorial Day weekend, and even on Monday, May 25 when the federal holiday will be observed in 2015.

Grocery Stores

All grocery stores are open. The weekly advertising cycle for most grocery stores begins on Wednesday. There may be a few Memorial Day deals that began last week and will carry on until Tuesday, but the main deals should appear in the fliers advertising the week beginning May 21. This should include typical barbecue supplies and meats, and the sides that go along with barbecue meals. Keep an eye out for specials, and you should be able to score some good deals. Some stores also have special three-day sales (Fri, Sat and Sun) over holiday weekends like this, so keep an eye out for last minutes deals as well.

  • Albertsons will be open
  • Aldi will be open
  • Bi-Lo will be open
  • Giant Eagle will be open
  • Kroger will be open
  • Publix will be open
  • Safeway will be open
  • Trader Joe’s will be open
  • Wegmans will be open
  • Whole Foods will be open

All major grocery stores will be open for Memorial Day. Be aware that some stores won’t have their typical Monday hours, and may revert to their Sunday hours for the day. Others might even have more limited hours. Since this can vary from region to region and from store to store, it’s best to call your local grocery store to confirm their hours on Memorial Day. All grocery stores should keep their normal business hours on both Saturday and Sunday of the holiday weekend.

Smaller local, independent and ethnic grocery stores should be open on both Saturday and Sunday if they normally are open these days, but they may or may not be on Monday. You should call to find out if they will be open on May 25 to be sure.

Drug Stores

National drug store chains are open. The weekly advertising schedule for drugstores begins on Saturday. That means that there should be some good Memorial Day related sales and discounts for the week of May 17 through May 23. Much like grocery stores, drug stores often have special three-day sales over long weekends like this, so there may be some additional offers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday aimed specifically at Memorial Day.

  • CVS will be open
  • Good Neighbor will be open
  • Rite-Aid will be open
  • Walgreens will be open

All of the major drugstore chains will be open on Memorial Day. For those who shop at their local or independently owned drugstore, these should also be open on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend if they are usually open on weekends. Most should be open on Monday May 26 as well, but it’s best to call and make sure since this will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores may be open on Memorial Day. The answer to whether liquor stores will be open on Memorial Day depends a lot on where you live. Some states have laws which prohibit liquor stores from being open on federal holidays, while other states don’t. If they are allowed to be open, in all likelihood they will be. It’s best to call to confirm with your local liquor store if you have any doubt.

While you are enjoying the great deals, tasty food, and good friends, don’t forget to take the time to observe the meaning of the holiday as well. Memorial Day honors the brave men and women who gave their lives while serving in the US military, which allows all of us to have the joyous family gatherings that we do over this weekend.

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  1. ben says:

    I’m just glad that I don’t live in a state that requires that liquor stores close on holidays or weekends.

  2. During Memorial Day banks and other government sectors are closed. But drug, liquor and grocery stores are open on Memorial Day.

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