Are Banks, Credit Unions and Post Offices Open on Memorial Day 2015?

WW2 cemetery memorial day headstone with flowers

It can be quite difficult trying keep track of what is and isn’t open on the various holidays throughout the year. This can be especially difficult when the holiday lands on the day which would normally be a workday. A good example of this is Memorial Day. As the holiday approaches, people sometimes wonder whether or not banks, credit unions, and the post office will be open on Memorial Day (May 25, 2015). This information can be important because there is nothing more frustrating than going to run errands at one of these institutions to find that it’s unexpectedly closed.

To make things more complicated, the actual Memorial Day and the day that Memorial Day is observed are oft


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2 Responses to Are Banks, Credit Unions and Post Offices Open on Memorial Day 2015?

  1. greg says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Since I don’t work for a company, I lose track of these holidays and often get surprised to find stuff closed. It’s always good to have a reminder like this so that I don’t make a wasted trip.

  2. Memorial Day in my country is holiday, banks, governments and other establishments are closed during that time. To observe and show respect for those who served and died for in our country too and to remind the new generation.

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