Are Banks, Credit Unions and Post Offices Open on Memorial Day 2015?

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It can be quite difficult trying keep track of what is and isn’t open on the various holidays throughout the year. This can be especially difficult when the holiday lands on the day which would normally be a workday. A good example of this is Memorial Day. As the holiday approaches, people sometimes wonder whether or not banks, credit unions, and the post office will be open on Memorial Day (May 25, 2015). This information can be important because there is nothing more frustrating than going to run errands at one of these institutions to find that it’s unexpectedly closed.

To make things more complicated, the actual Memorial Day and the day that Memorial Day is observed are often not the same days. The actual Memorial Day is May 30 every year, but in 2015, Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 25. This is because Memorial Day is a federal holiday, and it’s observed on the last Monday in May each year. What you need to know is whether or not these institutions will be open on May 25, since this is when the federal holiday is observed.

Since Memorial Day is a federal holiday, most government offices will be closed for business. There are exceptions (National Parks will be open), but most government offices will be closed.


Banks will be closed for Memorial Day. While this holiday is celebrated on a Monday, which is a day banks are usually open, banks usually observe federal holidays. For this reason, bank branches will be closed on May 25 and no banking will be able to be done inside local branches on this day.

Credit Unions

Credit unions will be closed on Memorial Day. Much like banks, credit unions are also usually open on Monday, but they also usually observe federal holidays. We aren’t aware of any credit union that will be open on Monday for Memorial Day.

For both banks and Credit Unions, even though their branches will be closed to observe the holiday, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do any banking. In fact, you should be able to do most basic banking transactions either through their ATMs or on their website. Even when branches are closed, both of these run every day of the week, even if it happens to be a holiday. Be aware that transactions that are done by either of these two methods may not show as being completed until the next business day when they are open. For example, if you deposit a check, the funds from that check may not be available to withdraw right away, and the clearing process might not start until the next business day.

Post Offices

Post offices will be closed on Memorial Day. The post office, since it’s part of the federal government, observes all federal holidays including Memorial Day. All post office branches will be closed on May 25 and there will be no mail delivery on this day.

If you need to do some business at your bank, credit union or post office, plan ahead because they’ll be closed on a day of the week they’re usually open, in order to observe and show respect for those who served and died for our country. If what needs to be done can’t be put off until Tuesday, May 26 when all these institutions will open again, make sure to get what you need done by Friday, May 22.

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2 Responses to Are Banks, Credit Unions and Post Offices Open on Memorial Day 2015?

  1. greg says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Since I don’t work for a company, I lose track of these holidays and often get surprised to find stuff closed. It’s always good to have a reminder like this so that I don’t make a wasted trip.

  2. Memorial Day in my country is holiday, banks, governments and other establishments are closed during that time. To observe and show respect for those who served and died for in our country too and to remind the new generation.

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