CVS Ranks You Against Others on Your Money Saving Ability

CVS ranks shopper savings ability
Do you consider yourself an expert saver who is able to get the best deals at the stores where you shop? If you consider yourself good at saving money, and one of the stores your frequent is CVS, you can now get a pretty good idea of how good of a saver you really are.

Anyone who uses coupons and looks for ways of buying toiletries and other drug store items for the least amount possible will have a good understanding of the amount that can be saved at CVS. I don’t think I’ve paid a single cent for toothpaste, body wash or soap for the last three years because of the deals I’ve always been able to find there. It was one of the stores I used often when I challenged myself to


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4 Responses to CVS Ranks You Against Others on Your Money Saving Ability

  1. Will says:

    I’ve never seen a retailer do this, you often see it with utility companies and the like though.

  2. Carol says:

    Cvs has the best reward program. Once you learn how to make the most of it, it’s not hard to be a top saver. You just have to “learn” their program.

  3. Gailete says:

    Since both my husband and myself have chronic health problems that require a lot of prescription and over the counter medications (fish oil and niacin instead of prescription cholesterol medicine) we are signed up for CVS’ program to get 45 for every 10 scripts filled. I also take advantage of their bonus bucks program, etc. Can’t remember the exact numbers but my totals seem to be even higher than those shown. It is pretty bad that I have to be at CVS usually several times a week, they know me by name at the pharmacy and the front cashiers recognize me on sight. :) By watching for the deals and grabbing them when they come, depending on what you buy CVS reruns basically the same items on sale on a frequent basis, you can always get the lowest price. It has been several years I think since I bought coffee anywhere else than CVS, some cereals as well. It isn’t unheard of for me to get a quarterly bonus bucks for over $10.

    Since I live in a one grocery store town with high prices, it is nice to know that if I can wait for a sale or get grocery items on sale when they are happening I can get things cheaper at CVS than the grocery store.

  4. ERIKA says:

    Those percentages are fake. There is no way that saving ONLY $335 put you in the top 1%. I got an email today, I only saved $721- yet it says I made the top 1%…yeah right! I don’t even shop there every week- far from it- so there is no possible way thats correct. I’m sure there are LOTS of people that saved thousands of dollars more than me!

    As soon as I saw that I knew that the numbers are bunk. I was already questioning how I could be in the top 13% last time I got an email because that quarter I BARELY stepped foot in CVS. UNLESS they are talking about lifetime earnings, then MAYBE it’s possible. But I still doubt it.

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