Costco Doesn’t Accept Manufacturer Coupons

Costco accepts its own coupons, but not manufacturer coupons
There are a lot of great reasons to shop at Costco. They have inexpensive gas that’s high quality. Their stores tends to have competitive prices on most of the things that they stock on their shelves, although they don’t always have the best prices. There are some reasons that you might want to avoid Costco as well. For those who use coupons, one of the big disadvantages of Costco is that it doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons.

Does Costco Accept Coupons?

There is always a bit of confusion on whether or not Costco accepts coupons because they do and they don’t. They don’t accept the standard manufacturer coupons that you find in your Sunday paper or print off th


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5 Responses to Costco Doesn’t Accept Manufacturer Coupons

  1. gina says:

    I love Costco and I shop there a lot, but I would love it if they accepted coupons other than their own. Then I could really get some great deals.

  2. Kelly says:

    I like Costco, but now we have a BJs Wholesale in our area and they take manufacturer’s coupons. I found out recently that you can even use manufacturer’s coupons on top of their own coupons, yes, you can double them up!

  3. greg says:

    I love Costco and I’m fine with the coupons they send to me. I would never use Sunday paper coupons. It’s just too much of a pain to try and cut, sort and keep track of them all. I would go insane!

  4. Coo'pins says:

    One of the reasons I’m a Costco guy is because of my hatred of “coupon lady.” The Costco employees (cashiers) at my local Costco automatically yoink the prices down to the best they have at that time. Even when you forget your little booklet. Even the booklet has changed in the past 6 months.

    Great quality products, exceptional service, good pricing… Done! :)

  5. Donna says:

    I save more using costco coupons than I did at other stores using coupons from the Sunday newspaper is an expensive gamble. It’s $1.75 per week, there were plenty of weeks that there were no coupons for items I buy, yearly subscription is a bit less but some weeks there are no coupons & you’re now invested pretty heavily wether you get coupons or not. Costco is only $55 for the year, not nearly as big of an investment plus it wouldn’t be hard to eat $55 in samples to get your money’s worth but I tend to save $25-45 a month with coupons on things I regularly buy & use.

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