What Items Food Banks Want and Need

what food banks want and need
(Photo courtesy of Snohomish County)
Now that the holiday season is long over, a lot of people forget about donating food to their local food banks. This is a shame because now is the time they really need those food donations. If you really want to help out those who don’t have enough food in your area, consider taking some time to donate to your local food bank or help out in other ways.

Anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated, and please give anything that you can. If you want to go the extra mile, here are some of the things I’ve learned from my own experience that many food banks truly appreciate receiving, which you might not have considered.

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5 Responses to What Items Food Banks Want and Need

  1. Fantastic article!! I have written about this topic a few times now because it is so important and so easy for most of us to incorporate donations into our lives. Similar to your spice comment, I try to pick up things like mustard and mayonnaise. I know I will eat plain tuna from a can, but that makes me an oddity!
    Not all food banks will accept chocolate, though. My Mom has volunteered at one where, despite it being Christmas, the manager only allowed healthy donations to go out. My Mom said some people had donated really nice things, like chocolate covered biscotti and whatnot, but it was against that particular manager’s policy :-(

  2. jeffrey says:

    Good note about the chocolate. I had one food bank that wouldn’t accept soda for the same reason. Have added that into the article. Much appreciated.

  3. Will says:

    My girlfriend loves to coupon and we always end up with way too many feminine products, the food banks LOVE those type of donations.

  4. jeffrey says:

    Yes — it’s something that most people don’t think about, but there is always a big need for them.

  5. I donated canned goods and personal toiletries in our food banks. It really feels good when you are able to help someone.

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