13 Ways to Make Money While Exercising

earn money and get exercise dog walking

One of the biggest problems many people face when it comes to exercising is lack of time, mostly due to work and other obligations. Most people who decide that they need to get more exercise immediately think about joining a gym. While this is certainly one way to get more exercise, there are many alternative ways to get exercise at no cost. It’s possible to do even better than that by using a bit of creativity to work while getting exercise. Maybe pick up a full or part-time job that gave you an income and also helped you get in better shape at the same time. Here are a few different ways to make money while exercising:

Tour Guide

If you’ve ever been to any historical or cultural site, you’ve probably seen or taken a guided tour. Tour guides have to do a serious amount of walking several times a day, as they tend to give multiple tours during one shift. If you’re looking for a part-time job, becoming a tour guide is not only a great way to get exercise and make some money, but to become more involved in a cultural or historical site in your town or city.

Teach Gym Classes

Did you know that many of the people who teach courses at gyms only do so part-time? All it takes is a certification class and some knowledge of the area you want to teach, and you’re good to go! If you want a good workout and some decent money, consider teaching a gym class, whether it’s a spin class or yoga class. You can also teach classes at your local YMCA.

Referee for Youth or Intramural Sports

Youth and intramural sports are always looking for qualified referees for their games. You’ll get quite a workout referring such sports as soccer, lacrosse, hockey, or football, since you need to be just as quick on your feet as the players. Some divisions and leagues require certification and previous experience to referee, however, so before you go ahead and look up referee jobs, make sure you’re actually qualified.

Dog Walking

One of the easiest ways to make money while exercising is by dog walking. If you live in a city, you’ll have no trouble finding people who need their dogs walked while they’re at work, away on vacation, or busy on the weekends. You can make good money dog walking, too, sometimes upwards of $50 for a one hour walk. If you have a couple dogs you walk at once, you’ll not only be raking in a decent amount of cash, but will be getting a good workout as well.

Mowing Lawns

Mowing lawns is another great way to make some money while getting a workout. There is even a thing called the lawnmower diet. A lot of people have no interest in mowing their own lawn and if you have the time to push a lawn mower around a yard, you’ll earn some cash and get a workout.

Landscaping or Construction

A lot of people will pay good money for construction or landscaping projects. Landscaping or construction can be a part-time side job or a career, depending on your interest, but it’s definitely a way to make some decent money. There’s also no question that you’ll be getting quite a workout regardless of whether you’re working on a small or large scale project.

Bike Courier

You may think that bike couriers have gone out of fashion, but they’re actually still used in many major cities. With the rise in bicycling, many companies prefer to use bicyclists to help promote an environmentally friendly image. Biking across a city to deliver a package or a takeout delivery is a job that requires a lot of athletic dedication. Not everyone wants to bike four hours on a time, after all. Become a bike courier is a great way to get an intense workout and make some extra money.

Seasonal Yard Work

Do any of your friends, family members, or neighbors need seasonal yard work done throughout the year? Maybe someone doesn’t want to rake their leaves in the fall or clean their gutters in the spring or shovel snow in the winter. Yard work always works up a good sweat, and if you offer your services for hire, you can make that exercise worth your while.

Work at a Youth Camp

Many youth camps are constantly in need of workers during the peak summer hours. Youth camps are very into physical activities, whether it’s pickup sports games or general camp activities. Whatever events and games you may have to participate in, you can bet that you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day. If you love working with kids and being outdoors, working at a youth camp might be the perfect way for you to make money while getting a workout.

Work at a Sports Arena

Have you ever wanted to work at your favorite ballpark or golf course? Why not get a job as a caddy? Even a job showing people to their seats at large arenas is sure to give you a good workout. After all, walking up and down all those flights of stairs is far from the normal sedentary desk job.

Teach an Athletic Class

If you happen to be great at a specific sport, aerobic activity, or fitness routine, get your certification and teach a class. This way you’re actually partaking in a fitness routine while getting paid to do so. Best of all, if you choose to teach a group class, you’re going to make a significant amount of money.

Be a Masseuse

You must be wondering how you’re going to exercise while giving a massage, right? After all, massages are supposed to be relaxing and not at all energizing. But did you know that you can lose 300 calories by giving someone an hour-long massage? Being a masseuse requires a lot of upper body strength and it’s a surprisingly good workout. People pay a lot for massages, so you can also set a decent price for your services.

Do Odd Jobs Around the House

Many people are looking for someone to do odd jobs around their house. This could range from fixing broken appliances, renovating a room, landscaping, running errands, cleaning, carrying furniture, or helping move large items. While some of these activities will be more of a work out than others, you’re still getting exercise. And if someone’s paying you to help them out, why not do it?

These are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. There are actually dozens of more ways that you can get exercise and make money at the same time. It’s worthwhile taking a moment to consider how you can do this in a way that suits your lifestyle and you may find that getting in shape can actually make your bank account a little heftier.

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5 Responses to 13 Ways to Make Money While Exercising

  1. Marsha says:

    Good article. Just to let you know, I am a massage therapist and we don’t call ourselves a “masseuse.” I’ll never forget my teacher in school drilling that in to us. He would say, “You are not a masseuse, you’re a massage therapist!” Seems the term “masseuse” might have some sexual conotations.
    But, you’re right, it’s a heck of a workout. Keeps me slim.

  2. Yin says:

    I agree with the suggestions in the article above. For about 2 years when I was not working in corporate (1 year totally jobless and another in a paycut job), I could keep my weight under tabs with just walks in the park, household chores and raking leaves- and eating just what I like. Now back in the corporate world (because I needed the money), no matter what I did, I find it hard to lose the stubborn weight which was build up due to stress. So, I had no choice but to make myself pay for the gym membership, knowing from past experience that I will get my butt there to workout twice a week no matter how lazy I feel.

  3. James says:

    Great idea for all those sedentary couch potatoes out there.

  4. These are all great ideas. I especially like the ones about teaching a class at the gym and dog walking. The girls who teach the classes I go to at my gym only work like 3 hours a week and they are in awesome shape!

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