Do You Need Sewer Line Insurance?

sewer line insurance
A lot of home owners don’t realize that they are responsible for the water and sewer pipes that lead from their home to the utility pipes on the street. This has created an opportunity for a variety of businesses to offer sewer line insurance. Basically, this insurance is supposed to protect you should you have any problem with the lines feeding out from your house. Those who have septic tanks may get offers for similar services. The question that many people ask themselves when they are first made aware of this is, “Do I really need to get sewer pipe insurance?”

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether or not it makes sense for you to get this type of coverage.


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5 Responses to Do You Need Sewer Line Insurance?

  1. I’m aware that the homeowners are responsible for their water and sewer pipe because a few years ago our water pipe had a leaked and we didn’t notice that one. Until when we received our water bill we was so shocked how huge the amount, we didn’t have any choice either to pay it or cut our water service.

  2. TC says:

    You cannot believe how many insurance policies you can buy. You think of anything and probably there is an insurance for it. For example, many companies offer boiler service contracts that include parts and labor. They don’t call it insurance, but it clearly is because you pay a yearly fee (premium) and you are protected for anything that happens to your boiler. Actually, it is better than insurance since it covers mechanical breakdowns as well.

    I bought a different type of insurance for sewers. My problem was that the main sewer pipes goes under my house. So, I asked my solicitor to arrange an insurance (on top of my home insurance) to pay for any damages to my house due to problems with those pipes. I paid a nominal one off premium because the water company is responsible for the maintenance and my home insurance cover for flood damages anyway.

    So, when you are considering any type of insurance you need to look at a few points. First of all, do you have another policy that covers the damages? Secondly, would another party be responsible for your losses (like the utilities companies), Thirdly, how much is it? Fourthly, how much could the possible losses be and could you cover it out of your pocket if the worst happened.

  3. stacy says:

    I never even heard of this before. I’m not sure if I’m happy that I learned it exists, or now I’m going to be paranoid that my sewer pipes are going to get damaged.

  4. Jeff says:

    A good question that opens the door to a better understanding of the Home Insurance Policy – What is, and is not covered, how claims are assessed and the concept of Sudden and Accidental.

  5. greg says:

    If you have an older house with big rooted trees, I would consider getting it. I had to spend thousands when the roots invaded our pipes and they needed to be replaced. it was a nightmare.

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