Boost Creativity by Walking, Plus 10 More Reasons to Take a Daily Walk

daily walk improves creativity
Photo courtesy of Amy Roseveare

There are a lot of things which seem to be completely unrelated to personal finance, but still have a large effect on your finances. One of the best things that you can do to help improve your finances is to realize that you need to look beyond those things that have a direct link to money, and also consider all of the things you do which have indirect effects. A great example of this is a daily walk.

I walk virtually every morning these days. The length of the walk depends on where I happen to be, but usually it’s between 2 and 5 miles. While I don’t have a specific time I take off each morning, I try to leave before 10:00 am. I started this hab


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3 Responses to Boost Creativity by Walking, Plus 10 More Reasons to Take a Daily Walk

  1. Cindy says:

    I’ve done without a car for several years by choice. With my mom’s getting older, I’ve had to become more involved with her care and now have to use a car to get her out to run her errands, doctor’s appointments, etc. I most definitely miss the years before mom got more needy, when I could do my daily hour walk that I’d done for years. I’m fortunate I work from home. I’m fortunate I’m located within walking distance of most places and have a bus line just across the street. Beyond the benefits listed above, I believe it gives you the realization that you probably could make it just fine without a vehicle if you had to. I wouldn’t miss driving myself much at all.

  2. jay says:

    There’s a saying: “Walk your dog every day, even if you don’t own one”, essentially making this same point.

  3. Andy says:

    I’ll add learning to that list. I love going for walks and listening to podcasts. Because I am a nerd I listen to podcasts about science, economics, and personal finance so walking is how I create free time for myself to learn.

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