How to Buy Cheap Costco Gas without a Membership

buy gas without a Costco membership
For those looking to save money on gasoline, it’s worthwhile using a Costco gas calculator to determine whether or not it makes sense to purchase a membership at the warehouse store. Due to the savings that many Costco gas stations offer over other local gas stations in their area, while selling the same quality gas, it can often make sense to purchase a membership for the gas savings, even if you don’t buy anything in the warehouse. For those who find the $55 membership fee is too high, and if you’re willing to do a little bit of work, it’s possible to buy gas at Costco gas stations without even having a membership.

If you use the calculator and it shows that you


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6 Responses to How to Buy Cheap Costco Gas without a Membership

  1. Someone says:

    The problem with purchasing these from secondary markets, is the higher risk for fraud. Some will sell them at a discount, but could be purchased with someone else’s credit card, as I have seen this many times before. Best thing to do is have someone buy it for you or purchase a membership.

  2. laurie66 says:

    Oh, I might try this. It never made sense for me to get a membership because I live so far away, but I do pass by Costco on occasion. Will this card allow me to go inside and buy stuff as well?

  3. jeffrey says:

    Yes. If there isn’t enough on the gift card, you can pay in cash or with a debit card as well

  4. john says:

    The easiest, safest, most convenient way to get a Costco gift card is to buy from a private school like a Catholic school that sells scrip or gift cards for fundraising.

  5. Alwin says:

    Second to last paragraph of yours is confusing, then: “The Costco gas stations won’t accept cash or another debit card along with a cash card.” So the gas stations won’t accept cash (I’ve been to one, I know) nor a debit card to cover what the cash card didn’t, but inside the stores they do accept both to cover what the cash card didn’t?

  6. Jeffrey Strain says:


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