Mint Launches New KBB Car Value Tracker Feature new KBB car value tracker added a new car value feature to their their account tracking system on April 23, 2014. Users can now track the value of their car in Mint along with their other accounts much like they have been able to do for some time with their property value through Zillow. Users who wanted to track the value of their vehicle in the past needed to enter it manually if the user wanted to balance a car’s value against its loan. Mint says that they added this new Kelley Blue Book (KBB) car value tracker because they felt “it would be very helpful to our valued users.”

This is how the KBB value tracker works:


The vehicle value tracker is not a single use calculator, so i


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2 Responses to Mint Launches New KBB Car Value Tracker Feature

  1. Andy says:

    I love this. I use mint to update my balances in my budgeting/ net worth spreadsheet and manually looking up car values was the only thing I couldn’t do on mint. I am far happier than the 4 minutes a month I am going to save should make me.

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