Your Thirties Can Kill Your Finances

family in their 30s

When it comes to living dangerously with your finances, it seems as though your thirties are the most dangerous decade. Obviously you have to be mindful of your money habits throughout your life because it’s possible to screw up with you’re very young and very old, but special care should be given to the dangerous thirties. This is the decade that can doom your future goals or set you up for great success and even early retirement. Choose your actions carefully and you could enjoy a great life, or make mistakes from which you never recover. Why are the 30’s so dangerous? Here are some reasons:

Access to more credit

Okay, maybe you came out of college and went through your


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One Response to Your Thirties Can Kill Your Finances

  1. Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet says:

    I’ve found the 30s can make or break someone’s finances. I’m just about to enter my 30s but have many coworkers of a similar age who have different spending habits. Some live beyond their means and continue to try and impress others while others are better at saving. It’s an interesting time as most people start to earn more and (hopefully) save for retirement. I really believe it’s not what you make, it’s what you do with the money you make

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