Your Library Makes you as Happy as a $2000 Raise

library happiness
There are a ton of great reasons to go to your local library, but here’s a new and compelling reason to visit your library more often. The United Kingdom’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport recently commissioned a study (PDF) to look at the various ways that “cultural engagement” affects the overall well-being of people. The results from the study found there was a significant association between well-being gained and people who went to the library on a regular basis. The positive effects were so great that it was the equivalent of receiving a $2,282 (£1,359) raise at work.

The study did note that more research needs to be done as it’s not clear which


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One Response to Your Library Makes you as Happy as a $2000 Raise

  1. christina says:

    This is true in my case. I didn’t flinch at all when the City raised our property taxes to restore the hours of our library system, and the county library system is one of the top in the country.
    I resolve this year to use the eBooks and Safari online training to augment my job skills. And I love borrowing rare, vintage videos that the Internet Archive doesn’t have.

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