JUMPR will Jump Start Your Car Even if Nobody is Around

JUMPR small gadget to jump start cars

As someone who drives a lot on my own, and many times to places where there isn’t a whole lot of traffic, the thought of what I would do if my car decided to die on me has crossed my mind on more than a few occasions. I’ve even considered buying a car battery charger as an insurance policy since there have been times when I haven’t seen another car on the roads I travel for a few hours. Under normal circumstances, I would need another, at the very least, if I needed to jump my car with standard jumper cables. The problem is that if you want to buy a battery charger to take with you, they are huge, bulky things that usually weigh over 25 pounds and take up a lot of trunk sp


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3 Responses to JUMPR will Jump Start Your Car Even if Nobody is Around

  1. forto says:

    This would be a great gift for my dad. He loves gadgets like this. Would be a nice safety feature to have for my mom as well.

  2. arturo says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your post and I think this is a great idea. Who wouldn’t want a cell phone charger that can also jump a car. I’d use it just to show my friends!

  3. Joseph Hogue says:

    This is an excellent idea for cold weather states. Sometimes, just not starting the car for a day and the temperature being below freezing will cause the battery to drain. There’s also the reassurance of being able to charge my cell phone when I’m out. What a great idea.

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