Go Ahead and Be a Sellout

selling out your dreams

A long time ago I had high artistic ideals. I wanted my work to change the world, to bring awareness to important issues, and to be “great.” That lasted until I was out of college. That’s when I realized that I had to eat, pay rent, and fill up my gas tank. High ideals went out the window in favor of any job that paid. And since I graduated in the middle of the 1990’s recession, the bar wasn’t all that high. I took a fair amount of advertising and marketing work, shilling useless products to people who probably didn’t need them. But I got the bills paid, even if my work wasn’t world-changing in any way.

A few years out of college, I met a former fr


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  1. My friend asked me, why I’m still working even if my husband earns a good amount of money. For me, as long I’m capable to work and enjoy it then why would I stop? In this way, I could help my family without depending too much with my husband’s salary.

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