All Banks Closed Easter, All Banks Open Monday

are banks closed Easter open Monday?

This articles has been updated for Easter 2016

With Easter upon us, you might have some time to run some of the errands that you have on your list of things to do. If you are planning to do any banking that needs to be done at the institution, you are going to need to wait until Monday to do it. If you are wondering if banks and credit unions are open or closed on Easter Sunday, the answer is that they are all closed (you may also want to know the stores that are open on Easter). This include TD Bank which is usually open on most Sundays. Having the credit unions and banks closed shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Most of these financial institutions are closed Sundays as part of their regular business hours, and they are simply following their regular weekly business hours. The following banks will all be closed on Easter:

Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

  • JP Morgan Chase: Closed
  • Bank of America: Closed
  • Citibank: Closed
  • Wells Fargo: Closed
  • US Bank: Closed
  • HSBC: Closed
  • Capital One: Closed
  • PNC Financial Bank: Closed
  • TD Bank: Closed
  • BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust): Closed
  • SunTrust: Closed

The day after Easter, March 28, is known as Easter Monday This is a Christian holiday in many parts of the world, but it isn’t a popular holiday in the US. Some schools in Texas and Maryland have both Good Friday and Easter Monday off. Many other schools around the nations end up having Easter Monday off as a school holiday because it happens to be part of their Spring Break vacation.

While most people understand that banks and credit unions aren’t open on Easter Sunday, they may wonder, “Are banks and credit unions open or closed on Easter Monday?” The good news is that all the following major banks will be open with their regular business hours on Monday, March 28.

Easter Monday, March 28, 2016

  • JP Morgan Chase: Open
  • Bank of America: Open
  • Citibank: Open
  • Wells Fargo: Open
  • US Bank: Open
  • HSBC: Open
  • Capital One: Open
  • PNC Financial Bank: Open
  • TD Bank: Open
  • BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust): Open
  • SunTrust: Open

For those who bank at a credit union, the vast majority should be also open for Easter Monday adhering to their regular business hours. If you happen to live in a part of the US which does celebrate this holiday, it would be worth your while to call your credit union to make sure that it will be open on Monday.

Since all banks and credit unions will be open during their regular hours, there shouldn’t be any issues for most customers due to the Easter holiday. For those who were hoping to do banking on Easter Sunday, there still are a couple of options to get transactions done. ATMs will still be working on Sunday, and it’s possible to complete many basic banking transactions through them. Customers should also be able to do many basic financial transactions with online banking. It’s important to remember that if you complete these transaction when the financial branch is closed, it might take until the next business day when the bank or credit union is open for the transaction to complete.

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