Legitimate Ways to Make Money and Work at Home

legitimate ways to make money at home

A lot of people would love to work at home if they could only find a legitimate job that would allow them to do so. While there are certainly a lot of scams that it’s important to avoid, there are also legitimate was to make money from home. Below are a few examples of legitimate ways to make money and work from home:

Love to plan parties? Become a virtual concierge

A computer, Internet service and a phone are all you need to join VIPdesk Connect, which connects you with high-end clients. You might be making travel arrangements one day, setting up dinner reservations the next, and tracking down the dress Julia Roberts wore in Ocean’s Eleven the day after that. You’re like


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11 Responses to Legitimate Ways to Make Money and Work at Home

  1. Will says:

    You can also make money by leaving travel reviews on the Barclay Travel community, how much depends if you’re a card holder or not.

  2. Clarry says:

    Thank you for all the links and possible places to find legitimate work at home opportunities. I’ve been searching for a while trying to find something that I can do at home so I can stay home with the kids. There’s a lot of scammy stuff out there and you have to be really careful when you look for opportunities like this.

    I’m surprised there are more opportunities to work at home since the Internet makes telecommuting so easy these days. I hope this changes in the future so that there are a lot more opportunities for people like me to work at home.

  3. sally says:

    I do some reselling on sites like eBay and Craigslist. I don’t make a full time income, but I know people who do. You need a good eye on what things you can sell for more than you purchase them for, and it helps if you like going to garage sales and flea markets. I always turn to this if I need a little extra money.

  4. Lorenzo Ortiz says:

    This was a very interesting topics. I believe that in the
    years to come it will be more and more people working from
    the comfort of their home.

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks for the list. I have looked at work at home jobs in the past, but have never found anything except for scams.

  6. Catherine says:

    Thank you for sharing this great source of information showing us how to make money online. I have been teaching myself online marketing and have bought many courses and tools to get that done. It’s always helpful to find lists of legitimate ways to make money from home.


  7. Jessica says:

    Great information! Thanks for sharing this. I hope that I can incorporate some of these legitimate ways into my side hustles to make a bit more money this year.

  8. Cathy says:

    Wow, $10 per hour as a transcriber. You know, I’ve been doing legal transcription since ’79 and $10 an hour is really, really crappy for work that requires really good skills, really good spelling and really good grammer. A pretty good brain is also required. Remember that whatever you make per hour be prepared to cut that in half when you consider expenses, taxes, etc. When I first started doing this the idiots I was working for were making about $4 a page and up, and paying me 55 cents a page. Remember, you also don’t get paid if the quality of the audio sucks. The reality of transcription is that it is often brutal. For $10 an hour, believe me, it’s a lot easier to flip burgers.

  9. catherine says:

    it is almost impossible to do a real job at home and watch kids. You need to get them off to daycare or hire a nanny so that you can work. No one wants to hear your kids and tv in the background and your concentration is roughly 3.5 seconds. Unless they are teenagers and stay in their room with the door shut and a headset on…forget this idea. Trust me. I tried. It is not possible. Most companies that hire you to work at home specify no child care and no elder care while you are working. Some companies specify a home office with a door that shuts and some manner of “white noise” to block the sounds of street noise or such and one complaint of “I heard a dog barking” from a customer and you will lose your job. I have worked at home for 20+ years and it is not as easy as this little fluffy article seems to indicate. If it were..everyone would do it. Try working for amazon…they don’t care about any of the above and you can set your own hours.

  10. catherine says:

    uhhh cathy…that would be GRAMMAR

    Most transcription jobs are going overseas…think you can compete with some indian “college graduate” who is willing to work for 5 cents a page? AND provide your own computer, specific software, high speed internet and pay your own taxes? At $10 an hour…half of that needs to be saved to pay your own taxes quarterly so you don’t have to deal with the IRS. Yeah this article just pretty much sucked and recycled all those stale ole suggestions. Try work at home customer service with Alpine, with Sitel, with any other work at home company…pay is about $10 an hour but it is an employee position with benefits..but you still have to have a real office with a door that shuts and you can’t take care of children or old people while you work. A transcriber is a machine…I believe they meant transcriptionist…

  11. Jenny says:

    This is an amazing article and I don’t think it sucks at all. I like the way things have been highlighted and then what profession a particular trait could complement. I love the effort you have made and please keep sharing more such information.

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