Virtual Reality Can Help You Save Money

seeing your older self saves money

It’s funny how the human mind can conceive of just about everything except our older selves. We can easily imagine a pink dragon that farts rainbow bubbles, but if you ask us to imagine ourselves as old, we can’t do it. No matter how much information we have that we will get old, decrepit, and die, we just cannot imagine it for ourselves. We see our parents, grandparents, and friends age and die and yet we still think it won’t happen to us. If you want to be successful financially, though, research shows that you have to find a way to make friends with your older self. And the younger you are when this happens, the better.

Researchers in the field of virtual reality at St


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2 Responses to Virtual Reality Can Help You Save Money

  1. I’m just wondering why some people wasted lots of money just to keep them looking younger? For me, it’s not an issue if you really like to stay young and fresh, but spending hundreds of $$$ is different! You’re right Jennifer, nothing can stop aging, so all we have to do is to accept the reality and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Gailete says:

    Would have been interesting if they had done a follow up study to see if they actually did save more. Many people are in denial that anything bad can happen to them. Years ago on a finance forum I mentioned what a good deal short term disability (and long term if you can get it is) and one of the young things on the forum declared she had no need for such things as she took care of her health and so had full expectations to reach retirement age without without a health care hiccup. Apparently she isn’t one of the 1 in 3 that will have to take time off from work for a health problem or the 1 in 8 women that will develop breast cancer, etc. I ended up on disability in my mid-40’s and believe that hadn’t been in my plans either, but that is how life goes.

    I don’t need to try to figure out what I will look like when I’m older, as I’m a spitting image of my mom and I have seen her age.

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