11 Ways to Save Money at Trader Joe’s

save money at Trader Joe's

A lot of people prefer using Trader Joe’s over wholesale stores like Costco, traditional supermarkets, or other specialty stores like Whole Foods. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Trader Joe’s, this video does a good job of giving a humorous description of what it’s like pretty accurately:

Everyone is always looking for ways to save money on food. Trader Joe’s can be a great place to buy your groceries and is known for their great deals on groceries, but there are always more opportunities to save money. Here are a few different ways to save money the next time you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s:


Trader Joe’s might be most famous for its


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2 Responses to 11 Ways to Save Money at Trader Joe’s

  1. sally says:

    I love Trader Joes! That video is so spot on!

  2. AesopSC says:

    TJ’s has never in over 50 years of business offered any product with a “buy one, get one free” deal.

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