Most Expensive Home in US Sells for $120 Million

most expensive home ever sold

It’s certainly not your average home. Situated on 51 acres on the Greenwich waterfront, the Copper Beech Farm sold to The Conservation Institute, LLC for a cool $120 million according to the Greenwich Time. That would make it the most expensive single-family residential property sold in the US according to David Ogilvy, the property’s Realtor.

While $120 million is a hefty price to pay, it’s actually quite a discount from what the property was originally listed. When the house first came on the market, it listed for $190 million.

$120 million home in Greenwich

$120 million Greenwich home most expenive

The previous record holder of the most expensive house in the US was a nine-acre estate located in Woodside California according to Forbes. Th


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2 Responses to Most Expensive Home in US Sells for $120 Million

  1. Will says:

    Wow, that’s a ridiculous sum of money for a house.

  2. Gailete says:

    Wonder how many bedrooms and bathrooms. I’d love to see floor plans for a house like that and to see what other amenities besides the pool. the yard looked lovely. I don’t play the lottery but I have always thought if I came down with a cool couple of million I would hire someone to keep my yards up and have flower beds, etc. for me as it is a great cheer up thing for me. The ground were lovely though. Wonder how many acres.

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