Why It Makes Little Sense to Buy $1500 Google Glass

reasons not to buy Google glass for $1500
Google has announced that for one day only, Tuesday, April 15, you may have an opportunity to buy Google Glass for $1500, when they will make a limited number of them available for sale. This may seem like a great opportunity to get hold of a high-tech gadget that allows you to take photos & video, make calls, check Twitter and get directions all while sitting on your face. It may be especially tempting since Glass is still not available to the general public, but the truth is that you could have acquired a pair long ago if you had really wanted one.

Glass has been selling on eBay for months, and what’s even more interesting, many of the units have been selling for less than the $1500 that you will need to shell out to get a pair for this one-day sale. Many are currently available for less than this amount with the Buy It Now option. Why wait to get the exact same thing a few days from now when you can get it for less at this very moment?

As with a lot of technological gadgetry, there is a high price to pay if you want to be an early adopter of any technology and the “cool” factor. This is especially true when everything that Glass does, you can do with the phone that you already have in your pocket.

The Marketing

Google is trying to get you to part with $1500 of you hard earned money by using two classic marketing techniques. In order to get these, you need to act fast (they are only available for a single day), and they want you to believe that not everyone can get them (they are only selling a “limited number” and they still aren’t available to the general public). Of course, since the same items are available on eBay, this isn’t the truth.

Do You Need Them?

Is there really a compelling reason that you need to get a pair of Glass beyond saying that you’re the first of your friends to have a pair? As mentioned above, they aren’t able to do anything that the phone in your pocket can’t already do. The only difference is that you have them on your face instead of in your pocket.

They Won’t Make You as Cool as You Think

While cutting technology and being a first adopter can seem “cool” in many cases, that doesn’t seem to be the reaction from a lot of people when it comes to Glass. In fact, those that have these glasses are often referred to as “glassholes” which isn’t exactly what most people would consider to be an endearing term.


If you truly are interested in getting a pair of Glass, the best financial move you can make is to be patient. There should be a whole new set of Google Glass flooding eBay six months from now at even better prices when all the people who purchase them on the 15th begin to grow tired of them.

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2 Responses to Why It Makes Little Sense to Buy $1500 Google Glass

  1. hank212 says:

    That’s a lot of money to pay for a pair of glasses that don’t help you to see any better.

  2. Jason says:

    Wait another year and you’ll be able to get them for $15, with free shipping.

    Google Glass is a fad with no future.

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