Are Banks Open Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday 2016?

Are banks open on God Friday and  Easter Monday

Note: This article has been updated for 2016

When holidays roll around, people often wonder if their local bank or credit union branch will be open during the holiday and the days around it. It can be frustrating going to your financial institution to find that it’s unexpectedly closed due to a holiday. When this questions comes up for Easter, the question is whether banks and credit unions will be open on Good Friday, the Easter weekend and Easter Monday?

Good Friday

Good Friday, the Friday before Easter is a Christian holiday, but it isn’t a Federal holiday. That means that most businesses, including banks, credit unions and post offices, will be open that Friday. While this


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2 Responses to Are Banks Open Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday 2016?

  1. billy says:

    Good to know. Glad that I’ll be able to stop by my bank and the post office this weekend.

  2. dave says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I physically walked into a bank. I do it all online now or through ATMs.

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