Walmart Is Going Organic with Wild Oats

Walmart Wild Oats organic food
If there were ever a sure sign that organic foods are here to stay, it’s the announcement from Walmart that it will be expanding its organic grocery category by adding organic food produced by company Wild Oats Marketplace. Walmart has seen consumer tastes shift toward more natural and healthy food. The problem for many consumers is the higher cost for organic foods, which forces them to choose lower priced food without the organic label. Walmart saw this as an opportunity to implement a new brand which can help these under-served consumers get the organic food they want.

Walmart plans to sell this new line of organic food at a 25% discount compared to what other retailers charge for their organic goods. The goal is to be able to offer consumers organic food options at the same price as the non-organic items that they sell.

Organic foods and beverages are one of the bright spots in the industry in recent years. For the last year that data is available, this category reached $31.5 billion. That was a 10% increase from the year before. This is despite the fact that organic food typically costs up to 40% more than non-organic food.

The Wild Oats brand will be initially launched in 2,000 Walmart stores toward the end of April. It will be added to another 2,000 Walmart stores which sell groceries by the end of 2014. Wild Oats will also be available online beginning this summer. The brand will only include pantry items such as canned vegetable, spices, pasta sauce and chicken broth. It will not include fresh food such as milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

While shopping this new line of less expensive organic food at Walmart is one way to reduce the cost of buying organic food, it’s not the only way. Although organic food can be much pricier than non-organic food in the same category, there are ways to save money on branded organic food when grocery shopping. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of coupons that are becoming more readily available for organic foods. The challenge is finding these coupons. Here are a few hints on where you might be able to find them:

Organic Food Websites

If you find an organic product that you like, it’s worthwhile making a visit to their website. Many contain coupons for their products. You can find a list of websites which have natural and organic food coupons here.

Contact the Company

For any organic product that you love, take the time to directly contact the company. You can do this by either calling, e-mailing, or writing to them to let them know how much you enjoy their product. Many of these companies will send you coupons for their products when you contact them in this manner.

Whenever you contact the company, always be sure to include your full mailing address. Even when you contact the company by e-mail, you should still include your mailing address at the end. By including your address, you greatly increase the chances that you will receive coupons in response to the complement, complaint, or question that you have, than if you don’t include it.

Check Packaging

Since many of the organic companies are much smaller than national brands, they have a much more difficult time getting coupons to consumers in traditional ways. One way that they overcome this is by sometimes placing coupons on the packaging of their product. Check both inside and outside for possible coupons that you can use on your next purchase.

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  1. I’ve been following one organic company on Instagram, they offer lower price compare to grocery markets. They have lots of good reviews and feedback from their satisfied customers. And I also observed that their packaging is really good.

  2. Laina says:

    Yay Walmart!I typically do not buy food from Walmart because the food in non-organic 🙂

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