Walmart Is Going Organic with Wild Oats

Walmart Wild Oats organic food
If there were ever a sure sign that organic foods are here to stay, it’s the announcement from Walmart that it will be expanding its organic grocery category by adding organic food produced by company Wild Oats Marketplace. Walmart has seen consumer tastes shift toward more natural and healthy food. The problem for many consumers is the higher cost for organic foods, which forces them to choose lower priced food without the organic label. Walmart saw this as an opportunity to implement a new brand which can help these under-served consumers get the organic food they want.

Walmart plans to sell this new line of organic food at a 25% discount compared to what other retailers charge for


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2 Responses to Walmart Is Going Organic with Wild Oats

  1. I’ve been following one organic company on Instagram, they offer lower price compare to grocery markets. They have lots of good reviews and feedback from their satisfied customers. And I also observed that their packaging is really good.

  2. Laina says:

    Yay Walmart!I typically do not buy food from Walmart because the food in non-organic :)

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