Reasons to Avoid “Sign and Drive” Auto Sales Deals

sign and drive car sales

If you’re in the market to buy a new car, you may be swayed by the “sign and drive” leases that many car dealerships offer. It’s tempting to show up to a car dealership and drive away in a car without ever having put any money down. However, the “sign and drive” offers you often see advertised in car commercials aren’t nearly as good as they may initially seem. Here are a few reasons to avoid this type of car deal:


If you think “sign and drive” deals sound too good to be true, you’re correct. Most of the offers, as explained in the fine print, are only available to people with excellent credit. The people most likely to tak


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  1. Justin says:

    This is some great advice. To offer the other side of the coin, the sign and drive promo can also be a great deal. I’m a big advocate of putting as little money down as possible on a lease. Whether you do a ‘sign and drive’ or regular lease, you’re always going to have fees, a term, mileage limits, etc. The only difference really is that your first month’s payment and some other fees like the acquisition fee are being delayed and divided into the rest of the payments.

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