The Cost of Prom: Ways to Save Money on a Prom Dress

save money on prom
As any family knows, the prom can be expensive. Although those going to the prom are spending less this year than last, according to a survey released by Visa, they’re still spending nearly $1000 for a single night out.

The average cost for going to the prom was $1,139 in 2013, but has dropped 14% to under $1,000 ($978) this year. The price includes the cost of the prom dress, tuxedo, limousine rental, tickets and dinner.

The cost of the prom varied quite a bit depending on the region, with high schoolers on the west coast spending the most money for their big night of the year. The survey found that each region paid the following for prom:

  • Those in the west paid $1,125 on average
  • Th


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2 Responses to The Cost of Prom: Ways to Save Money on a Prom Dress

  1. dave says:

    There are kids who seriously pay $1000 for their prom? This is why kids have no sense of finances when they graduate from high school and are on their own.

  2. kramer says:

    It costs a fortune. A little easier for the guys, but still very expensive.

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