Will Discover Make Credit Karma Obsolete?

credit karma vs discover free credit score

There is once again a change taking place in the world of free credit scores. When Credit Karma first appeared, it was the one bringing a change in this same business. Their entry altered the way many people obtained their credit scores. The company came on the scene to offer free credit scores with no credit card needed, uprooting the leading free credit score companies at the time, which required a credit card as part of a free initial trial to a credit monitoring service. The way that they made their money was to charge the credit card if the customer did not cancel the trial before the free period ended. The new “no credit card” needed model was a hit, and made Credit Karma


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4 Responses to Will Discover Make Credit Karma Obsolete?

  1. dave says:

    I think it would be great to have my credit score come to me each week as part of my credit card summary. I hope this happens.

  2. Gailete says:

    Never even heard of Credit Karma until the last month or so. I now get my credit score via Discover and don’t have any need that I can see to need it more often.

  3. Eric says:

    Credit Karma offers more than just a credit score – they also offer financial tools like a credit score simulator, recommended credit cards (with likelihood of approval so you don’t have to waste your time), and actual advice for people inquiring about their credit. Discover doesn’t offer any of these, so I think it’s an unfair comparison.

  4. fredrick says:

    Yet another place to get a credit score. I assume that this will be different than all the others that I get as well. How can you even tell which score is correct? It seems to me that with all the different scores it’s all just a big scam to try and take money from you. At least that’s the feeling I’m starting to get.

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