Gas Prices Continue to Climb toward $4 a Gallon: Ways to Save Money

gas prices climb

The price of gasoline continues to rise, reaching an average of $3.61 a gallon this week, up almost 5 cents from last week according to the most recent gas survey from Lundberg Survey Inc. This is the highest that gas has been since July 26, 2013, although the average price is about 4 cents lower than it was the same time last year. The 2013 low was at $3.18 a gallon. The Lundberg Survey queries 2,500 gas stations around the nation to get its average price.

Those living in California continue to deal with the highest prices in the lower 48 states at over $4.00 a gallon, inching up to $4.04 a gallon this week. This is nearly a $0.40 increase per gallon since mid-March. Montana continues to h


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2 Responses to Gas Prices Continue to Climb toward $4 a Gallon: Ways to Save Money

  1. bonzo says:

    how about BUY AND ELECTRIC CAR as a suggestion? :p

  2. jeffrey says:

    While that certainly would make sense if you were in the market to purchase a new car, it usually doesn’t make sense for anyone who already has a car that still has life. Even then, you need to compare the price tag of the electric car versus other cars. If you can get a non electric car for $20,000 less which gets good gas mileage, that might be a better purchase depending on how much you drive.

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